A Collection of Creations

I am pleased to say that the past few weeks have been the most creatively productive in years! While it’s a shame it’s taken so long for me to get back in the swing of things, the personal satisfaction I’ve gotten from doing what I love successfully has proven that the changes I’ve made in my life have been for the best.

Last week I made my very first Etsy sale, a major milestone and hopefully a good omen. Sadly, I have yet to receive any feedback from the buyer. It would have been nice to know if she liked it.

I have also been working on several things for friends. My good friend Katie is an all around bad ass and spends a lot of time hunting. For her birthday I thought it might be nice for her to have a sort of talisman to bring her luck and strength during the hunt, so I put together a Deer Hunting Spirit pin for her. I had the Greek goddess Artemis in mind, though I obviously didn’t use her in a literal sense.

Coffin 014Coffin 016

This weekend I made a couple of shirts for a friends anniversary involving Zombies (what’s an anniversary without Zombies?) and I am currently working on a little (belated) surprise for one very special and adorable goth. To stay in the mood, it’s been non stop Supernatural marathons in the living room.  Unfortunately, this also means that paper scraps, boxes and art junk have completely taken over, but if everything goes according to plan I should be done and all cleaned up in a couple of days. Fingers crossed!



3 thoughts on “A Collection of Creations

  1. Wow the close-up of the Indian is awesome, I also like the coffin once you put the outside design it really pops. Wish I could give you advise but don’t have a clue how “THE BLOG,” works. Will be peeking in on you as I find it all very interesting and EXCITING how your mind works….Good Luck….

  2. OH. MY. GOD. You are like an artistic amazing of awesome and ultimate holy crap. I clearly don’t have clear grammatical statements to describe how awesome everything is.

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