A Mini Workshop

This week I put together my first official workshop. I have taught/ tutored art numerous times, but the idea of putting together a ‘workshop’ was new and exciting.

A couple of friends were hoping to learn how to make their own planners. I studied book binding for a couple of years in college and was delighted to be able to share my knowledge with people I was close to.

Dan was looking to create a Moleskine replica, but wanted it to contain the material he needed for his everyday tasks. He didn’t want to stitch the pages together, so we opted for a ‘perfect’ bind, similar to the kind used in magazines and paperback books. While less durable in the long run, it was perfect for what he was looking to accomplish.  Fully equipped with wine, pita chips and hummus, we set to work.

The pages hadn’t been cut down to size, so we got right to work rounding the corners and dividing the pages.


Once the pages were all cut down, we clamped the book between two boards and began to score the pages to allow the glue to adhere the pages  better . (A small saw would have been best for this portion, but we made due with what we had)


After this, we inserted string into some of the grooves and began to layer PVA glue onto the spine layer by layer.


Unfortunately, since you have to wait for each layer to dry this portion took the rest of the night. The book cover and other small details were finished the next day, however I forgot to document the final product.  Bummer… Basically it looked just like a traditional Moleskine, except with a white elastic band and a blue ribbon, which Dan had selected.

All in all it was a real learning experience experience for all of us I think. I am looking forward to doing other workshops in the future!


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