Dancing Bananas

So I was having a kind of ‘down’ day a week or so ago. No real reason, just one of those days.

I found myself at Target, just kind of wandering down random isles when all of a sudden I spotted a 3 foot tall dancing Banana. There wasn’t even any music, he was just strutting his stuff. A few seconds later I caught sight of another one, this one a little bigger. They were dancing, jumping, mock sumo wrestling… it was a Banana Extravaganza. I could barely contain my laughter.

If at this point you are confused or writing dancing Bananas off to a genetically modified produce catastrophe, I’ll clarify. I had wandered into the Halloween costume section, and boy was I glad. Not only was this totally unexpected, but it was making a mediocre day into an AMAZING one.

After some deliberation, the smaller Banana decided he now wanted to be a Hot dog. The larger Banana agreed that being a Hot dog was really much more fitting. Something along the lines of “Dude! That is SO you!”

Having noticed my unabashed appreciation for his antics, the (now) Hot Dog decided to leave me with these parting words. He even jumped into the main isle, pointed at me and made sure to project his voice for all to hear.

Hotdog 001

It was all for show, because we both knew that I was not interested in his hot dog.

In any case, thank you Banana/ Hot Dog boy, where ever you are. I really hope you got that costume.


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