This year for probably one of the first years ever I was feeling particularly Valentines-y. I decided to work on making some Valentines for a few friends, and since I’m particularly enamored with snail mail, I opted for little cards. I’ve recently decided to go back to my illustration roots and set crafting aside, and so this project allowed me to continue to draw rather than forcing me to jump into a crafting marathon.

I drew and colored the initial image with the intention of mass printing it and making things quick and easy for myself. My printer however, had other ideas. Not only was it out of  colored ink, but it’s also kind of been on the fritz. I edited out the color in Photoshop and decided to just print out the line work and color each image out by hand. Super fast and easy right? Wrong. The coloring took FOREVER.


Once all the little images were colored in, I got to cutting and assembling.


I liked this part a lot because it felt like goofing off in elementary school. There is a lot less pressure in crafting for me than there is in drawing. I even whipped out the glitter glue.


Finished! The only problem with making cards is that once I’m done making them I never know what to write in them. I always feel like the card is the present and anything I write just  detracts from the sentiment.

Anyway, sorry for the crummy photos. I’ve been taking a lot of in-progress pictures with my iphone since it’s always right on hand.


2 thoughts on “Valentines

  1. The photos came out great on my computer and I just love the work. I feel while you are is in the mood and all the supplies are out why not make some for next year AND number them. Also have a folder that states handmade Valentine cards 2013 NOW you will be ready for NEXT YEAR! :}

    1. I thought about that, and think it would be a really good idea. The hand coloring took so long though that it’s on the back burner until I get some other more pressing stuff done.
      I would also like a hole punch or something for the frames. Ellipses are really difficult to freehand/ cut. 🙂

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