Lola LeFever

Hey All!

A while back the lovely Kelly Thompson sent out a call for fan art drawings of her AMAZING book The Girl Who Would Be King. For those of you that haven’t heard of it, go look it up. It’s mindbogglingly phenomenal, and is a fantastic story about two super powered ladies torn between destiny, good and evil, and global domination. It’s beautifully told and is a fast paced, intense and thrilling read. I seriously can’t do it justice- just go to Amazon and buy it.

Anyway I submitted an illustration of Lola Lefever and wanted to share it on here once I was done drawing the other main character- Bonnie Braverman. These are probably two of my favorite characters of all time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they make more appearances in my work. I’ll be posting Bonnie once I get the image cleaned up, probably tomorrow. Until then- Enjoy!



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